Ramírez v. Copper Mesa & TSX

Plaintiff Defendants

Stopping International Human Rights Abuse Committed by Canada’s Mining Industry


Marcia Ramírez, Israel Pérez and Polivio Pérez are from the Intag Valley of the Ecuadorean Andes.  They live in Chalguayacu Alto and Chalguayacu Bajo – villages that would be severely impacted if the proposed mining project went ahead.

Against enormous odds, Marcia, Israel and Polivio have begun this lawsuit in Canada, on behalf of their communities, to defend their homes, lands and ecosystem against the corporate and financial institutions located thousands of kilometres away.

Chalguayacu Alto (Home to Marcia Ramírez and Israel Pérez) Chalguayuca Bajo

Chalguayacu Bajo (Home to Polivio Pérez)
Chalguayacu Bajo
Marcia Ramirez
Marcia Ramírez

Polivio Pérez
Polivio Pérez
Israel Perez
Israel Pérez